Knight Services

Knight Lawyers is a specialist Commercial Litigation firm with a particular focus on the Building & Construction Industry, providing the necessary technical expertise to deal with complex issues in a niche area of the Law.

Knight Lawyers is a boutique legal firm specialising in Commercial Litigation with a particular focus on Building & Construction Law.

We pride ourselves on providing timely and effective advice, listening attentively to our clients' problems and providing practical solutions.

We provide a range of legal services, with a particular focus on construction issues at both the "front end" (contracts) and the "back end" (disputes).

Knight Lawyers exhibits a thorough working knowledge and familiarity of the procedure and processes of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act. The firm is engaged to perform work for Builders, Subcontractors and Consultants and undertakes litigation of commercial disputes in all Courts and Tribunals, as well as disputes relating to Security of Payment Legislation in all States and Territories.

We understand our clients’ needs to resolve matters as quickly and effectively as possible, always adopting a practical approach to dispute resolution with an eye for commercial reality.


Our Solicitors handle a wide range of front end and back end work for Private Clients, Builders, Developers and Subcontractors:

Drafting Building Contracts and Subcontracts including Joint Venture & Partnership Agreements
Reviewing and advising on Contracts at tender stage
Litigated disputes - all jurisdictions
Debt Recovery
Claims made under the Security of Payment Act
Preparing and defending Adjudications
Construction site accidents and major incidents
Home Warranty Insurance
Professional Indemnity issues
Contaminated land issues
Joint Ventures and Partnerships
Structuring Development Agreements
Prosecutions by WorkCover & other regulatory bodies.


Our Solicitors provide representation for commercial and private clients in all aspects of commercial contracts and litigation:

Commercial Transactions
Debt Recovery
Construction Contracts
Joint Ventures and Partnerships
Litigation in all jurisdictions
Trade Practices


Our Solicitors have acted on behalf of Councils, Developers, Commercial and Private Clients in all stages of the NSW Planning & Development process, including but not limited to:

Development Applications (including Land & Environment Court Appeals)
Land Use Applications
Easements and Covenants
Orders issued by Council
Defending Council Prosecutions
Modifications of Consents


Our Solicitors have acted for Insurers, Private Clients and Businesses (including Local Government) on various Insurance issues, including those relating to:

Domestic Household
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Professional Indemnity
Public Liability
Workers Compensation
Contract and Claims advice
Advice on Policy Terms & Applications


Our Solicitors and administrative staff handle all general legal enquiries and advice including but not limited to:

Wills and Power of Attorney
Witnessing documents
Dividing Fences disputes
Independent Legal advice
Traffic matters including PCA